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Quality Content at the Push of A Button?
You've Never Seen ANYTHING Like This Before!

$1,500 of
Super Spun Articles

What is a Super Spun Article you ask? It is an article in spin-formatted text that is created by having one SUPER high quality article written, and then having that article rewritten TWENTY FIVE TIMES with the same "thought structure".

Those 25 articles are then put together thought-by-thought into one HUGE Super Spun Article. These documents are capable of producing TENS OF THOUSANDS (even hundreds of thousands) of HIGHLY unique articles (90% unique or more).

To have just ONE of these created costs $150 or more, and we're giving you TEN of them for FREE with your purchase of Article Builder. That's $750 worth of content -- FREE.

The topics covered are:

  • Weight Loss
  • Home Improvement
  • Internet Marketing
  • Travel
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Fitness
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Personal Finance
  • Blogging

In addition to those, we ALSO give you ten MORE documents. These are the Super Spun Articles AFTER they've been run through The Best Spinner for phrase-only spinning. For those times you need EXTREME uniqueness (95% or more), the additional documents are JUST what the Spin Doctor ordered.

Start your content creation off RIGHT with Article Builder coupled with these incredible documents. All yours, all free with your purchase.


1.7 GIGABYTES Of High Quality Reusable Images!

Content is certainly KING, but Google (and website visitors) want to see pages that are media-rich -- and that means you need to add images to the pages of your website! And not just any images: high quality images!

That's why we've decided to include a special bonus pack of more than ONE THOUSAND REUSABLE IMAGES -- absolutely free. This package is worth HUNDREDS of dollars, but you get it free with your purchase.

The images are high resolution images, but also come pre-sized for your convenience. In addition to the high resolution size, you also get the images in 800, 400, 200 and 100 pixels wide.

Between Article Builder's content, the Super Spun Articles bonus and these high quality graphics you'll soon be a content-producing POWERHOUSE!

$297 / year

Article Builder


What kind of content does Article Builder produce?

Excellent question! Article Builder produces high quality articles built around the topics and keywords that you give it. It's different from the old-style Private Label Rights (PLR) articles, though.

The old PLR gives every member the EXACT SAME ARTICLES. Even if they are high quality, they're not different at all! That's not good for ranking in the search engines -- even if you're only using the articles to build backlinks to your site.

Article Builder is different. Each article is built by weaving together snippets to build an article based on your category and subtopic choices. Since we have tens of thousands of categorized snippets in the database, every time you generate an article, it's different!

But what do we mean by "high quality"? Here's a sample article generated from the keywords and subtopics shown in the video demo above (the category was "weight loss", the subtopics "exercise" and "nutrition"). It gives you a good idea of what you'll be getting:

As you can see from the sample article above, you'll be getting well-written, high quality articles. ALL of the writers we use to create the content have to be vetted, passing a screening test proving their abilities before they are allowed to create content for Article Builder. They are ALL native-English speakers from either the United States, Canada or the United Kingdom (the great majority are from the USA).

What topics does Article Builder cover?

Article Builder covers a wide variety of topics. We're careful to provide a wealth of diverse content for each of the topics as well -- which is fantastic when using the subtopics feature shown in the demo video above.

The list of currently covered topics is:

Acid Reflux Acne Acupuncture
Affiliate Marketing Aging Allergies
Anxiety Arthritis Article Marketing
Arts And Crafts Asthma Auto Repair
Back Pain Baseball Basketball
Beauty Blogging Camping
Cancer Car Shopping Carpet Cleaning
Cats Cell Phones Cellulite
Chiropractic Care Coffee College
Cooking Cosmetic Surgery Coupons
Credit Cards Credit Repair Debt Consolidation
Dental Care Depression Desktop Computers
Diabetes Dog Training Dogs
Eczema Email Marketing Employment
Eye Care Facebook Marketing Fashion
Fishing Fitness Football
Forex Furniture Gardening
Gold Golf Green Energy
Hair Care Hair Loss Hemorrhoids
Hobbies Home Business Home Improvement
Home Mortgages Home Security Homeschooling
Hotels HVAC Insomnia
Insurance - Auto Insurance - General Insurance - Health
Insurance - Home Owner's Insurance - Life Interior Design
Internet Marketing Investing Ipad
Iphone Jewelry Juicing
Landscaping Laptops Lawyers
Lead Generation Leadership Learn Guitar
Locksmiths Make Money Online Massage
Memory Mobile Marketing Multi-level Marketing
Muscle Building Music Downloads Network Marketing
Nutrition Online Shopping Organic Gardening
Panic Attacks Parenting Payday Loans
Personal Bankruptcy Personal Development Personal Finance
Personal Injury Pest Control Photography
Plumbing Pregnancy Public Speaking
Quit Smoking Real Estate - Buying Real Estate - Commercial
Real Estate - Selling Real Estate Investing Reputation Management
Retirement Roofing Search Engine Optimization
Shoes Skin Care Sleep Apnea
Snoring Soccer Social Media Marketing
Solar Energy Stock Market Stress
Student Loans Teeth Whitening Time Management
Tinnitus Toys Travel
Video Games Video Marketing Vitamins And Minerals
Web Design Web Hosting Weddings
Weight Loss Wine Woodworking
Wordpress Yeast Infection

But even if a topic you need isn't yet covered, if enough users request that topic we WILL add content covering the topic.

All Topics Include Super Spun Content
(100% Human Edited, Top-Quality)

To add to the diverse amount of content available to you in Article Builder, we've added Super Spun content to all of the available topics. With one push of a button, you can generate top-quality, 100% human edited, perfectly readable articles.

These articles are generated from a Super Spun document, a document capable of generating an astronomical number of article variations. Every generated article is guaranteed to be at least 75% unique (they're usually 90%+ unique).

It doesn't matter how many articles you generate. Hundreds. Thousands. The odds than any two articles generated by one of these documents will be less than 80% unique is one in ten million, 70% unique odds are one in ten billion.

Here's an example article generated from the Super Spun content so you can see the quality for yourself:

Article Builder Is Also The
Next-Generation Auto-Blogging Tool

The headline says it all, really. In addition to generating articles you can use on your own, Article Builder can also automatically post content to your WordPress blogs on the schedule you choose (up to 3 times per day, or as little as once a month).

It takes seconds to configure the auto-posting job, and once its done, fresh content will get posted to your blog while you sleep! You can add your own resource box to each article (full nested spinning is supported, and encouraged), making it a fantastic tool for building links from your own custom blog network.

You can configure Article Builder to automatically post related images, videos and attractive sidebar "tips". Keyword tags are automatically added to each post as well. Plus, Article Builder can weave in affiliate links to related top-selling ClickBank products. It's truly the next-generation of autoblogging!

Super Spun content is posted from the selected categories, so you get very unique content in every post! This is extremely important when building links to rank in Google, or when trying to rank the posts themselves.




AUTOMATIC BACKLINKS!   Yet another powerful feature of Article Builder's auto-posting functionality is that every post made to your blog automatically has backlinks built to it. This ensures that every post gets indexed -- FAST -- and that the posts all have "link juice" right from the get-go.


Software Developers: We've got an API

If you're a software developer and would like to access all of the powerful features of Article Builder from within your own software or script, you can do that with our full-featured API.

The API lets you build articles, inject content into your own articles, and get back Super Spun generated articles just like you would from within the web interface, only within your own software.

Need to automatically post content to your site? Want to create a Wordpress plugin that posts to the blog on the fly? You can do that -- and so much more -- with the API.

All of this for about 55 cents a day!

You would probably expect to pay an arm and a leg for access to a system as powerful as Article Builder, but that's not our style. We know you need A LOT of content, and it needs to be quality, but affordable. That's why we've set the price-point of Article Builder at about 80 cents a day.

Article Builder will only cost you $197 a year.
That's less than $17 a month -- about 55 cents a day!


$297 / year

Article Builder


Don't Believe Us, Believe The Users!


The best content builder!

I'm amazed at how Article Builder has helped me to build my website. It is easy to use and the quality of the content is really good!

If you are looking to automate your website with quality content and move to the next level, then Article Builder is your best option!

Patricia Sanchez-Axline
Patricia Sanchez-Axline



Excellent service by Jon Leger...

I must say that the Article builder creates very readable content, excellent for blogs and website. The speed at which it generates readable content amazes me.

Guys! Jon Leger team is Legit. I am so impressed with their customer support.

Paul Ezeani
Paul Ezeani



SEO Expert's Best friend...

An amazing tool and amazing service!

There isn't a day goes by that I don't use ArticleBuilder. It saves me time and effort plus (and this is a big one!) the best SEO tools out there support it!

I love it and I highly recommend anyone that is serious about their business to get it.

Nir Levi
Nir Levi



The Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread!

Been using Article Builder for a while and I can say it's easy and versatile to use and is of very high value.

If you need help staying fresh with original readable content for your blogs with a set and forget feature then this is it.

You can do a lot of useful things with Article Builder and it's a highly recommended tool! If used correctly I believe it has a positive effect on rankings.

Another satisfied customer of Jonathan's products.

Jonathan Nishikawa
Jonathan Nishikawa



Article Builder is amazing...

I have only recently started using Article Builder and I am impressed with both its speed and quality.

I believe we have a promising future together.

Bob Meyer
Bob Meyer



Love at First Build for Crazy Busy Webmaster...

Article Builder is every webmaster's dream. It truly is simple to use and super fast. I'm totally in love with this tool!

I was so tired of trying to find high quality articles that I could use for my client sites and back linking strategies. Now I have found exactly what I need - it's like the Holy Grail of article building with a just a few clicks.

I love the fact that I can pick the number of articles I want and also the number of paragraphs (great feature). Then I just download the articles and pop them into my favorite spinner (or you can use the built in spinner too!) and I end up with a massive amount of high quality content that I can use/respin and use again.

I have to thank Jonathan and his team for taking the pain away from the content/article creation process!!!!

Sherri Ashley
Sherri Ashley



Wow!!! What a time saver. Thank you so much!

I have used other article building software in the past, all because I thought the price of your Article Builder was too expensive.

Let me say now to anyone reading this - don't make the same stupid mistake I made.

Jonathan Leger has got our backs with the BEST Article Builder out there bar none.

There are so many features I wouldn't know where to start, but ease of use comes to my mind with no hesitation.

If you want proof of how brilliant this is check out my blog because since July 14 it's been solely built by using the Article Builder.

Get it! Get it! Get it! That's my final say on it.

Michael Henry
Michael Henry



Instant Optimized Content Whenever You Need it!

Our team manages a few hundred websites and we always use high quality content for our money sites. However, there are times when we need some good articles to be used as "starter" articles. We get these from Article Builder, quickly and easily with a click of a button. From there our writers tweak the articles to make them excellent.

This process saves us at least 30% of the time we used to spend creating articles from scratch. So I imagine the tool will pay itself over and over again for months and years to come.

Another great useful tool from the JL team!

Thanks Jon!

Mike Santiago
Mike Santiago



Early Traffic and Sales...

Last week I used Article Builder to generate a number of articles for my site. So far I've posted over 20 of them to various blog sites. Each article has a link to different isolated pages on my site thus allowing me to monitor those pages to see if there is any unique traffic coming to those pages.

A look today at my site's stats shows that 12 of those pages are already receiving multiple views per page and 25 product purchases. It took 10 minutes to generate and spin the articles then another few minutes to post them to various blogs.

Article Builder saved me a lot of time and outsourcing cost plus helped me generate some really great sales.

Gregg Sterner
Gregg Sterner



Hours of work turned into minutes...

Using Article Builder, I now can write a completely unique article in just two minutes.

Article Builder is truly genius and it saves me a huge amount time creating unique quality content.

Thanks a lot Article Builder

Ramin Shahinfar
Ramin Shahinfar



Article Builder is a Real Time Saver...

Before I wrote a testimonial for Article Builder, I wanted to put it through its paces a bit.

My informed opinion?

It's a GREAT product.

It's now the core of all my online marketing as it's such a MASSIVE time saver. All the articles are of high quality and a minimum of 75% unique.

That's really impressive. Recently, I created 15 Article Builder articles to be posted to a blog network a friend of mine owns.

He told me, "Thanks for sending me such high quality articles."

This product works. It is the cornerstone of all my Internet marketing and I highly recommend it.

Glenn Reschke
Glenn Reschke



Why I Love Article Builder...

First let me say I am a big fan of Jonathan Leger products. I have been using the Best Spinner for years and I love it.

I purchased Article Builder to add content to my websites and I also wanted content for products I want to sell online.

What I really like about Article Builder is it simplicity. It is very easy to use and you have so many ways to enhance your article quality.

With Article Builder I am able to add content to my site and the content is engaging for my readers. I also like the fact that I can add YouTube videos and Clickbank link within my articles. This is a triple treat that I can use to make more sales and get more leads.

Article Builder makes it so easy to build a site with content the search engines love. Unlike junky PLR content, Article Builder provides you with content that is easy to read and the information makes sense. Each tip enhances and amplifies the next tip.

It doesn't matter if you want an article with 300 words or 1000 words, it all reads well and is very informative.

The content in Article Builder is information people want and need.

Dennis Thomas
Dennis Thomas



New insight into reputation marketing...


Just to let you know that AB has made things a lot easier for me.

My technique is not to use the materials on my main money site, but I find that the articles are so well researched and written that they are a bounty for the 2nd tier sites.

One hint for everyone: dissect the articles' sentences into catching titles!

Saku Mättö
Saku Mättö



Getting A Boom On My Boomers Site...

I started using Article Builder this week. I have three sites, so you can imagine keeping them fresh is a chore. And like many I get writer's block from time to time.

But with this system I can trickle relevant articles to each site and post them usually daily.

Before, I was happy with once a week.

I like the "tips" feature. It makes readers pick up some great info at a glance with further details in the body of the article. I am impressed with the quality of the generated documents. There are no awkward sounding sentences, or out of context phrases.

I still craft my own articles and posts, but Article Builder has been a great complimentary tool.

Mike Gaudreau
Mike Gaudreau



A Great Way to Get Started...

I have been writing articles for my many dog related websites for years. Then, I just stopped. I don't know why; writers block, lack of interesting subjects ... I am just not sure.

But, I knew I needed to add fresh content to my sites and I love writing about all aspects of dog training and ownership.

Article Builder was just what I needed to get back on track! I have not used all of what the program offers but I am looking forward to the possibilities!

Thanks for a great program!

Bonnie Rubun
Bonnie Rubun



Article Builder is the Perfect Fit with My SEO Strategies...

I use Web 2 properties, mini blogs and other social media sites to get quality backlinks to my mini sites and all of them crave quality content.

Without Article Builder, I would be paying multiple $100s of dollars monthly for good content for all of those sites.

But with Article Builder, I get amazingly good quality content for less that $1/day!

I have used most of Jon's products and he is one solution provider that always over delivers and Article Builder is by far his most massive over deliver!

Thanks Jon and continued success!

Tex Gshwandtner
Tex Gshwandtner



Love the Creative Juice starters...

This product has changed the way I write my Blog posts forever. I started out barely a month ago writing blogs on the topics of Internet marketing. This exercise was to put my own spin on the class I have been attending on the topic. I had recently accepted a 60 day bloggers' challenge and had no idea how on earth I could write a minimum of 300-400 words everyday on Internet marketing.

I ran across this product while spinning up what I hope to be the first of many marketing sites dedicated to various products I use on a daily basis.

There are 2 features within this product which I use regularly:

The first being the "Inject Content" functionality. I will write up a blog from scratch, and depending how comfortable I am with what I wrote, I will apply the Inject Content feature and almost instantly I get SEO friendly content inserted into my article. And I am impressed with how it takes a measured approach to its additions based on how comprehensive my original article was. Many of my articles will only get a sentence or two added to it.

The Second feature is an autopost capability. If I am in a bind to come up with filler posts on days I know I will not be writing, this product will do it according to whatever schedule and frequency I tell it. And I actually learn even more from the filler posts Article Builder produces for me which is an added bonus.

I would recommend this product to anyone who decides to go down the road of Blogging to gain visibility in the Internet world.

Andreas Ziebart
Andreas Ziebart



Thank you...

Thank you for your wonderful Article Builder, I am new to the internet and I cannot believe how simple it is to use your wonderful Tool the 'Article Builder'.

I have struggled in the past to get my content together and it used to take me ages to find the words to my apply to my blog.

But with this fantastic Article Builder it takes only minutes - not hours - to put content together.

Which means I'm a happy little bumble bee and just love using this wonderful Tool you have made.

Thank you for having the best product and sharing with us all.

Yours sincerely

Sheryl Martin

Sheryl Martin
Sheryl Martin



Blogging Has Never Been Easier...

Before we started using Article Builder, we would dread creating articles for our blog.

It was such an arduous task for us because we really didn't know what to write about, plus it takes quite some time to get a piece on our blog consistently.

Since then we schedule related, high quality content to post on our blog. And the best part is we no longer have to struggle to put content on our blog. We pretty much set it and forget it.

Willy and Daria Legagneur
Willy and Daria Legagneur



I have a satisfied grin on my face :)...

After just over one year in the business I decided I needed a better blog and I have literally just started on it. As soon as it came to putting up my first post I felt stumped! What do I say? Recognise that feeling?

Anyway, time to test Article Builder I thought. In 30 seconds I had a 400 word, perfect post up on my site! I still can't stop grinning! Oh well, better get the next post now. Brilliant!

Adrian Ratcliffe
Adrian Ratcliffe



Article Builder is awesome - Sales are increasing...


I've only had Article Builder a short time but already have setup 23 automated jobs to post articles to my blogs.

I can already see the traffic building to my site and sales of my new product are really going well.

Thanks, I really appreciate your product and the boost in sales.

Andy Lash

Andy Lash
Andy Lash



Generating Content Without Using A Screwdriver or A Hammer - Love It!

I recently become a new member of Article Builder. Before I get too deep into my testimonial, allow me to quickly introduce myself..

My name is Alex Bangura and I am the CEO and founder of a Real Estate solutions company and Educational company based in Ontario Canada.

As a business owner, leverage of time, money, tools and resources drives 95% of my decision making process. I am always looking for ways to make the most of what I have. Hey time is money!

I started looking for article building software three months ago (actually in March,2013). The three websites + blogs that I own and managed were very hungry for more content (just like, so I needed to to find a way fast to continue the online traffic generation efforts of my businesses....

Before I made my final decision, I looked at 8 article writing softwares online. Like everything that I do, I went in with an open mind. As I started looking closely into the benefits of each software, Article Builder by far had the biggest PUNCH! 70% unique content - wow!

So, I took the the plunge and signed up. I have never looked back.

The first thing that I noticed was my three websites and blogs were having some really good time with great content from Article builder. It was like I had just seen magic for the second time in my business life - ha ha, no lie - true story!

Since then, I have gone to generate articles for my sites on auto pilot with no intervention from my part. Really loving it. The last time I checked, I was in Mexico (Cancun) having fun and article builder was doing all the heavy lifting and posting unique content on all my three blog sites - Super cool!

And the best part is: anyone can do this, you don't need to read a book on how to get to MARS to figure Article Builder out, Everything that you need is right there on one page. Believe me, if I can do this, you can too. You can easily use Article builder to generate content at will using just few clicks of the mouse - and you are done. You will love it!

Alex Bangura
Alex Bangura



This solution was Diamond!

I know one great way to generate traffic is by consistently blogging.

Well I couldn't generate the traffic I needed because I was soooo worried about content. Article Builder took that headache away so I could concentrate on my SEO efforts!

Thanks Article Builder!

Jeremy Knox
Jeremy Knox



Using Article Builder with SE Nuke For the first time...

Hi Guys

Just like to say what a delight it is to use your Article Builder service.

I purchased your software on the 28.08.2013 together with SE Nuke and I started my first ever link building launch on the 30.08.

The result I was seeing was nothing short of amazing. It took me just minutes to setup all the download articles and spin them to high class content

Well done guys, great job

All the Best

Steve Maitland

Managing Director Closed Circuit Security Ltd

Steve Maitland
Steve Maitland



Makes life easier...

I still love to blog daily, but when I am not feeling well or having writer's block this is a great piece of software to have in my toolbox.

It makes my life easier.

Even when I know what I want to write, I can have this software create a spun article and give me ideas to add on for a more value packed blog. This has cut my article writing time in half and time is the one thing you can not get back.

I would recommend this software to anyone that is blogging on a consistent basis.

Jason Lockhart
Jason Lockhart



Article Builder is my new best friend!

Article Builder is an amazing new tool I recently discovered. I'm now using it for our company's blog as well as for our customer's articles. There's a huge selection of categories and you can also request new topics.

Unique and quality content is gold and the Article Builder is living up to our high expectations. The user friendly software generates great articles and we can even include sidebar "Tips"!

Very impressed! Thanks so much - thrilled that I finally found a great solution for my content needs.

Holly Hicks
Holly Hicks



The Article Bomber...

If you hate to write articles like I do, day in day out..

Do yourself a favor and BUY Article Builder!

You will be amazed at how good it works automatically and brilliantly.

No more staying up all night,thinking of what to say. You just enter a few keywords and thats it!!

All I say is if you dont try it...see you in the morning.

Give it a try, I know you will be a happy camper.

I call it the Article Bomber! Enjoy

Oscar Orosco
Oscar Orosco



The Golden Nugget I Was Searching For.. NOW IN MY HANDS!!

ArticleBuilder has become a tool in my arsenal that, when combined with my other versatile strengths, it turns into one SUPER POWER of a strategy that allows me to save TIME and LOTS OF MONEY!!!

Content is KING and using ArticleBuilder allows you to simply dominate your niche.

Joe Engel
Joe Engel



A Revelation In Article Writing!

Article Builder has been a revelation in my article submission for my digital marketing website and blog. I found that writing articles from scratch can be so time-consuming and it takes your attention away from other essential daily tasks.

However, with the help of the Article Builder software I can confidently get my articles done quickly and know that I'm not going to be sitting at my computer suffering the dreaded writers block!

Janice Bowles
Janice Bowles



Article Builder is AMAZING...

I've always said that SEO isn't rocket science, but that it is complex and time consuming. Well...thank you Jon, you just made life a little easier around the "Lab".

Article Builder is an amazing (and now completely necessary) tool being used in every one of our client projects.

As most everyone in the SEO game knows..."Content is King". The challenge has always been creating enough unique content to appeal to Google's voracious appetite for more.

Well, here's the solution...come closer my friend...ARTICLE BUILDER! Go get it now and save yourself tons of time and headache.

Kenny Doucette

Kenny D
Kenny D



How I added lots of extra hours to my day...

I had over 500 websites and used some software to run it. Unfortunately it stopped being useful after Google's Updates.

Thanks to Jonathan Leger and Article builder those sites are up and running better than ever.

This is a definite "must have" tool for any webmaster tired of hiring outsourcers and it will save you hours a day writing articles for your website.

Why not just do what I do? Take the day off and let Article Builder do the work for you?

Sotiris Bassakaropoulos
Sotiris Bassakaropoulos



By far the best value service I use!

Article Builder was recommended to me by somebody I know as a very successful digital entrepreneur and now I can see why!

I setup two Wordpress sites populated by content provided by Article Builder on auto pilot... I’ve already had leads from these sites!

So people visit the sites, and sign-up based on the Article Builder content.

Article Builder is my content manager and it's providing me with FREE high quality leads, how cool is that!!!

Fantastic value and my best tool as a digital marketer.

John McDermott
John McDermott



The best article builder software by far...

I needed a quick solution for writing content to my websites.

Writing it myself was out of a question!

Using a good content writer is costly and the turn around time is usually too slow, so Article Builder gave me the option to get a high quality content for a reasonable price whenever I need!

Lee Levine
Lee Levine



Article Builder Gets Results...

A friend and I run a social networking site called Women Say So. We pride ourselves on being able to empower women by providing positive, authoritative, affirming information for them to learn from, share their input, and to use to help others.

Article Builder has helped me add to our blogs, great stuff that is super important to our members such as articles on health, travel, financial issues and more.

Their interaction with the articles in the form of comments has been steady, and their direct feedback to me has been strong. Our members really like the information!

Thank you Article Builder for making what used to be a monumental task so simple to do and so remarkably valuable to us.

Kim McKoy
Kim McKoy



A Wonderfull Tool...

Article Builder has taken the stress of writing high quality blog content out of my hands.

Every post on my site was created and posted using this tool!

A must have for any blogger.

Dwayne Leach
Dwayne Leach



Article Builder is an amazing time saver...

Before Article Builder, I could spend a good 1-2 hours a night blogging by the time I typed everything out. Even longer when I considered what I was actually going to talk about!

When my baby got sick recently I found myself in a position where I didn't have that kind of time to spend on blogging each day. Plus with everything else going on in my life in the next few weeks, I needed a simple solution to save me some time.

I looked at the cost of Article Builder and broke it down into a daily cost: 81.4c per day (approx), or $24.75 a month.

My time is worth more than 81.4c per day. It’s worth more than that every two minutes!

With that in mind, Article Builder just paid for itself instantly.

In seconds I have a blog post with minimal effort. Then all I need to do is tweak it, and post it. Instead of spending up to two hours typing and editing, I can now post something up in 10-15 minutes and I can move on to something else that needs attending to.


Jan Henry
Jan Henry



Incredible Invention...

Before starting using Article Builder I did not fully realize or even believe what people were saying about the benefits and features of Article Builder in testimonials like this.

You need to try it once to see how helpful and time-saving it is for your business. I am really having fun with this and it is one of my favorite "toys." :-)

Seriously, it generates such high-quality articles on a variety of topics because all of them are written by professional writers. That is why all of those articles are unique. Most of all what I like about Article Builder is the option that you can request your topics of interest to replenish the database.

In short, if you are serious about your business and value your precious time, Article Builder is what you need!!

I highly recommend it!

Arthur Khoyetsyan
Arthur Khoyetsyan



This software just went from great to absolutely amazing...

I just wanted to drop in a mail to say thank you for giving me the gift of time.

I like to do as much blogging as I can, but running so many websites it's just not possible to come up with fresh content all the time, never mind finding the time to simply post to my blog.

This is MUST HAVE software for anyone in a similar situation. I literally could not live without it. Thanks guys, don't ever stop what you are doing.

John Sloan
John Sloan



Taking the pain out of SEO and article marketing...

I absolutely love this software. The hardest thing in the world is to come up with fresh content time and time again, until now. Thanks to Article Builder I can now produce article after article of fresh, unique and keyword rich content for my site and my clients sites.

I can be really lazy and post what I get in about 2 seconds from this amazing software, or I can inject fresh content to the articles I have created myself, taking me form 150 words to 600 words in about 10 seconds.

I'm not sure how I survived without this software for so long. I have used article spinners but this is not one of them, this is genuine, unique and most of all legible content. Thanks guys....

John Sloan
John Sloan



Perfect Internet Marketing Tool!

I purchased Article Builder last month and it has made my life less stressful. I don't have to worry about outsourcing my content with Odesk workers, writing content, or spinning content.

Everything comes with the click of a button. Saves me hours a week and days of the month.

If you want a tool that tops your internet marketing budget, choose AB.

You will be able to use it with all your internet marketing software, guaranteed!

Greg Montoya
Greg Montoya



Perfect For My New Site...

Hey Jon, I thought you really outdid yourself with the Best Spinner, but the Article Builder takes it to a new level.

Love it!. It's going to be perfect for my new dog site.

This is going to save me hours and hours! Can't wait to see how it grows over time.

Joe Falcon
Joe Falcon



Authority Site...

Article Builder is superb. I have just created a new site and developing quality content with Article Builder was a breeze.

I now have a site which is getting more traffic and recognition every day. If you want an authority site, use Article Builder.

Joe Conde
Joe Conde



Easy Marketing...

Article Builder has allowed us to automate our SEO efforts, from article marketing to blogging and beyond.

The ease of the sofware plus the quality of the articles puts our brand well ahead of the competition.

We look forward to using Article Builder and your related products in years to come.

For a job well done, thanks !

Jose Ferreol
Jose Ferreol



Simply Amazing...

Mr Leger, this is simply amazing!

Fresh content for my blog-site in seconds! I cannot thank you enough for such a practical and powerful system that probably should have been at least 5 times the access price for a year.

You are the best of the best! Peace to you my friend.

Peter Krause
Peter Krause



Article Builder - The Answer to the Prayers of SEO Specialists and Bloggers...

As an SEO specialist for almost 3 years, a blogger for more than 2 years and as a Filipina with English as my second language, it's hard for me to think and write topics for my blogs and content for SEO.

With different topics and different niches, Article Builder is a great tool that helps me to make my job and blogging experience much easier.

Gay Aida Dumaguing
Gay Aida Dumaguing



I was very surprised and very pleased...

When I first took a look at Article Builder, I was very skeptical. I had purchased a WordPress Plugin that was supposed to do something similar to Article Builder a few years ago. I tried it once and deleted the plugin. I did not even attend the first Webinar for Article Builder because I thought it was another poor quality product.

Curiosity finally got the best of me and I viewed the replay of the Webinar.

I was very impressed with what Article Builder had produced. Not only was the article of good quality, but there were photos on every post and tips in the sidebars. I could also add my affiliate link to the post!

So I succumbed and purchased Article Builder because I saw there was a 30 day guarantee. I guess I still didn't believe that it could do what they said it could do. Was I wrong!

I currently have 4 blogs - 3 of them were never posted to because I didn't have the time.

Every one of my blogs now is receiving automatic content from Article Builder. I read through the posts every day (still skeptical) and they are good quality!

I was so impressed that I set up the automatic posting on a few more categories in each blog.

I am ready now to start another blog or two - something I never would have been able to do before Article Builder!

I am very pleased with Article Builder. I will be looking into purchasing more of Jon's products.

Catherine Quel
Catherine Quel



A blogger's saviour!

Coming up with fresh content daily can be a challenge for bloggers.

Article Builder takes the frustration out of content creation and when you are dealing with the sudden onset of writer's block.

It is easy to use and as a Mac user, it is fantastic that it is browser based and therefore compatible with PC AND Mac. If you do not have Article Builder in your arsenal of tools, then you are doing yourself a disservice.

Red Jenneke
Red Jenneke



Complete and Utter Awesomeness...

Once again, Jon and his team have outdone themselves with yet another awesome product.

What a time saver!

I use Article Builder in conjunction with SENuke XCr with outstanding results. Finally, I don't have to spend hours upon hours hand spinning articles...Article Builder does all the boring stuff.

Thanks again Jon!

Jeff Monson
Jeff Monson



Total Time Saver To Get Up and Running...

The biggest challenge I have in my business is getting original content that is not only useful to visitors to my sites, but also provides value to them.

Article Builder has saved me both time and resources for projects where I need to build up a 'community' of articles around the subjects I need to write about.

No more hunting down outsourcers for this type of work. Now it all happens with a few clicks of the mouse!

Rob Boirun
Rob Boirun



Huge Time Saver!

Article Builder is awesome if you are a slow writer or have a hard time thinking of things to write.

If it takes you more than half an hour to write a simple blog post, you should buy this. Just think of it this way; $300 for a whole year is less than a dollar per post (if you blog daily).

You can't beat that!

Samantha Johnson
Samantha Johnson



Article Builder Has Hugely Impressed Me...

Well, writing this testimonial, also involves cutting myself a slice of humble pie. Why? Because until now, I've been 100% against publishing any content whatsoever that I haven't researched and written myself.

Article Builder isn't cheap, but it was recommended to me by a highly experienced marketer whose opinion I have learned to trust. Right now I'm putting together several sites, so they presented me with the perfect opportunity to test Jonathan's product.

I'm extremely impressed.

So far I've populated a couple of new websites with perfectly acceptable content. Next I shall be building a series of guest blog posts pointing to these sites, also with content provided for me by Article Builder.

I shall continue writing all my own 'pillar content', but I intend to use Article Builder for all the additional material. I can log on, click a couple of buttons, and produce 7 (or any number I choose) articles to publish to a site (set to publish one per day), and there's a week's work done.

I was extremely skeptical when I first signed up, but I promise, none of the articles it's so far provided me with have appeared to be spun. Actually, they flow perfectly acceptably.

Anne Pottinger
Anne Pottinger



A Must Have...

Article Builder has helped my voice over company a great deal.

With a staff of voice over talent, we find it difficult coming up with rich new content. Having a tool such as Article Builder makes things a whole lot easier.

Kudos to the Article Builder staff!

Kasey Clark
Kasey Clark



This is terrific!

I have used Article Builder many times over and have found it easy and totally professional to use.

I will continue to use this service and recommend it strongly to others looking to build articles quickly effectively and with no hassles.

Good on you guys! David

David Mallinson
David Mallinson



This Will Sky Rocket My Time Efficiency To A Whole New Level...

Hey Jon.

Wow. I was pretty skeptical at first, but having seen your awesome value from buying some of your previous products I decided to give it a go.

It's fantastic - I really am thinking of ton and ton of ways I can use Article Builder to grow my business. Fantastic.

John Mulry
John Mulry



I am blown away by Article Builder!

I have used a number of different pieces of software for marketing, SEO and other tasks. Never have I come across a tool that is so straight forward, simple, and yet SO INCREDIBLY POWERFUL! It exceeded my expectations ten times over with the quality of articles it pumps out with ease.

I used it for less than 1 hour before I started recommending it to my close friends, and I would recommend it to anyone who will listen to me talk about it!

Thank you for another great product!

Alex Darke
Alex Darke



Content is King & Article Builder is the Hidden Treasure...

As a social marketing professional my biggest challenge for the past eight years was getting content from the entrepreneur.

In the world of social media marketing, the biggest challenge is putting content out to the World Wide Web without plagiarizing - let alone coming up with your own ideas.

Finally, my team and I have the "hidden treasure" - Article Builder. With a single click of a button, content now gets created in just seconds. The best part about Article Builder is that it is very fun!

Of all the software I have ever purchased in my career, Article Builder is the very best investment and worth every penny.

Robert Black
Robert Black



This has given me a lot of inspiration...

Dear Jon,

I must say that I started being very skeptical, as I have seen other article services, which after proof reading were hopeless.

The exercise I did with Article Builder was quite amazing. Not only did I get 3 articles with lighting speed, but they were also pretty good. I then began experimenting with the note feature and it also turned out to be amazing.

I am sure that these articles - besides saving me a lot of time - will help me to get a better website, and I will soon also try to experiment with the automatic upload to my blog. I look forward to even more niches to cover.

All in all - this is a good investment.

regards Leo Woer

Leo Woer
Leo Woer



An absolutely amazing and I mean amazing program...

I am a part-time pharmacist and a web surfer on some of my days off.

I am here to tell you that of all the stuff that has come out on the web in the last 15 years, all to make you $1,000 by tomorrow morning, well I gave up on buying such things and returned most of them.

I have to tell you about a program that absolutely blew me away.

It is an Article Builder. Just check the categories it has and select the one you like. How many words would you like? How many articles do you want?

Press the button on the Article builder and Zap! the articles are there - I mean not a single second passes and they are there.

And the most amazing part is that they are Grammatically Correct!

All of a sudden I can think of a zillion ways to utilize this product. I will bet you that if you see it, you will get it. Trust me... remember everyone trusts their pharmacist. No kidding check it out.

If you are looking for an article builder, this one is it.

Alfred Marton
Alfred Marton



It's Like Hiring a V.A. for Article Writing!

Article Builder is amazing! My biggest problem is finding the time to do all the things that I need to do in a day and the day never seems long enough.

I don't mind writing content but when I learned about Article Builder I thought "why not give it a shot?".

This software creates incredibly good content with "value" to my readers. I have it set to post new content every day and I just go in once a week or so and tweak the SEO.

Since I post on at least 3 different blogs, this saves me countless hours of work and each blog has original content on it, making Google very happy indeed! Now I can concentrate my efforts on teaching others proper SEO techniques.

If you're considering becoming a member, just do it and stop thinking about it. If you paid a Virtual Assistant to do your writing it would cost you far more than you'll pay as a member of Article Builder.

Joining will be one of the best time saving decisions that you ever made.

David Englert
David Englert



Happy Chappy...

Hi Jon

Having not written a essay for 50 years this software turned me into a writer in a few clicks and keeps my blogs up to date!

Great software, thanks!

Gordon Melsom
Gordon Melsom



Fantastic product and service from Jonathan Leger...

I am truly delighted with the Article Builder product I've bought.

Having used AB several times already I was so pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to use and the articles themselves are way better than regular PLR articles I've bought in the past.

I must also congratulate Jonathan on his excellent customer service and prompt response to my emails - you couldn't ask for better support.

So I'm a totally happy customer and will be back to buy more stuff in the future from Jonathan.

Many thanks,

Lynn Baillie

Lynn Baillie
Lynn Baillie



Article Builder Is A Time Saver Software...

I love automation and always spend money to ensure that I get lots of work done in my internet marketing business as quickly as possible by automating most of my tasks.

Article Builder is one of the best software I have ever spent my money on.

This software now does the work that would take me a minimum of 6 months to complete, but would get it done in just 1 day with the push of a button.

If you're thinking whether its worth it buying Article Builder, just stop thinking, go get it before Jonathan Leger tells you it's sold out, and you'll be happy you did.

Article Builder Is Highly Recommended.

Bassey Moses
Bassey Moses



Several Great Uses...

Article Builder has several great uses. My favorite is how it's integrated into SEnuke and all I have to do is choose a topic (there are a ton of them), and then click the generate content button. This allows me to get hundreds of very well written articles out very quickly.

I also use Article Builder for content ideas like blog posts, social media posts, and even topics for different free PDF's. There's so many subjects for different niches in there, it's amazing how many topics there are and how good the quality of the articles are.

This is another awesome product by Jonathan Leger.

Jeremy Maher
Jeremy Maher



Article Builder (the real thing)...

Content is king! You have been hearing a lot about this subject lately and it's true. In order to get a better ranking on Google you must have superior content.

Most small businesses don’t have the time or the money to write original articles on a fairly constant basis and that is where Article Builder comes in handy.

For pennies a day Article Builder lets you write hundreds of original articles daily and it's so easy your children can do it. Just pick a category and a couple of keywords and in seconds your article is finished.

Check out their video to see all the features that are available and I'm sure you'll come to the same conclusion, that Article Builder is the best thing to come along in years.

Robert Schroeder
Robert Schroeder



Article Builder supercharged my SEO...

Before Article Builder, I noticed my rankings would take a leap and then fall back down.

Since I started using Article Builder, it takes much less effort to keep rankings at the top!

Scott Swain
Scott Swain



Absolutely Fantastic Product!

If anyone has any doubts about buying this product then think again. I am so impressed by what Article Builder can do. It provides extremely unique articles in so little time.

I used to write my own articles for directories and the like and it took me ages. I really struggled, so I ended up outsourcing and obviously that costs money and then some.

I went back to writing my own and spinning, which as many of you will know the quality is often not very good……..unlike Article Builder. You can generate loads of very good articles in very little time.

I now have complete confidence in submitting articles to various directories and social sites, helping towards bookmarking and backlinking that will result in them sticking around longer.

Ian Bell
Ian Bell



An All in One Gift starter for New Bloggers...

I'm very new to blogging and just started August 2012. Article builder lessens the burden for bloggers.

They have topics designed for your niche, an instant affiliate link created directly on your blog, an auto posting system that gives you time to relax and "Tips and Tricks" inside the article. What more can you ask for?

Article Builder is a good to go program that can "drive" your blogging while you relax. You will find more ideas on what you can achieve inside Article Builder once you have it.

Thank you Jon Leger!

Joel Cotto
Joel Cotto



Love My Article Builder...

Article Builder has been a great help in building traffic to my website.

It's easy to use and a fantastic productivity booster. I highly recommend Article Builder to anyone looking for unique content.

James Murray
James Murray



Blogging for Generating Business...

Hello, I've used Article Builder for the last couple weeks and I'm new to online marketing. We are using it every day to generate new customers.

It brings peace of mind knowing our blogging is being done automatically with great content. Worth it alone for not worrying about having so much to write every day!

Thanks Article Builder, I can sleep more at night.

Jennifer Hitchcock
Jennifer Hitchcock



Procrastinate No Longer!

I have struggled for 2 years trying to find great content for my sites. An email dropped in the other day for your article builder product, I watched the video and just knew I had to at least try and felt comfortable with your money back guarantee.

All I can say is wow! It was amazing how within a few moments of downloading I had an article ready to post. I have since updated all my sites and analytics is going into the green for the first time in ages.

A great feature of the product is how versatile it is! You can edit in your own keywords and change words etc if you want. I definitely used to put off finding fresh content as I found the whole task slow and boring! I don't procrastinate now as this is such good fun and I am actually monetising my sites a lot better now as I have the time.

This product is awesome, I am sure that once people see the power of this they will not hesitate to purchase. The money will soon be recouped as the top content will soon move your site up in the rankings and the time effort and money you save in the long run makes this product a must have!

Lynda Rayner
Lynda Rayner



St. Louis Injury Lawyer Endorses Article Builder...

Since joining Article Builder, I have been impressed with the content of articles based upon a wide range of topics.

Lesser quality articles can make you look unprofessional and ultimately your business will not be viewed as credible. But with Article Builder, you don't have to worry about that. Each article is grammatically correct and interesting to read.

Stephen Schultz
Stephen Schultz



Article Builder is a blessing...

Article Builder is incredible!

I can really recommend this product as money well spent and no junk. It saves you hours of work.

A major advantage is that you can quickly fill a website with high quality content in various areas.

Mikael Aberg
Mikael Aberg



Article Builder is the TRUTH...

We just started using Article Builder and I LOVE it so far! It's such a time saver for those who need fresh content for their websites but don't want some spun garbage making the site look spammy.

It can also be used for article marketing. I checked the first couple articles and they were about 90% unique. With a few simple changes, they are 100% original and are doing wonders for our site. Can't wait till you add more categories!!!

Thanks again, Jon

Jon Fields
Jon Fields



Wow! What A Timesaver! (What A Lifesaver!) So Glad We Got In!

Article Builder is absolutely amazing! Can't say enough good things about it.

It has literally made blogging a breeze. Used to wake up every morning ... after staying up late the night before cranking out our blog for the day ... with the thought once again looming of having to come up with more content!

Now, guess what? It's actually fun! I just go build another great article (or as many articles as I need) from Article Builder, decorate them up a little (love the content injector) and I'm ready to publish in minutes.

And I'm so proud of the articles! Thank you, Article Builder. Love, love, love it!


Sandy Snodgrass
Sandy Snodgrass



Master Mind...

New sensational breakthrough for novices writers like me - Love it!

No headaches trying to write professional articles. Innovative and fun to use.


Adelinde Mackay
Adelinde Mackay



Quality Articles...

The writing of articles is hard work. When I was offered the Article Builder I was amazed how easy it became.

Most of the articles at my site are not produced this way, but in the future I feel they will in large part be influenced by this amazing program.

Thank you for making it so easy to produce new material, material that is kept at a high level of writing and at least 75% original.

I am no expert yet, but this program is a boost to help me get there.

Kjell Andreassen
Kjell Andreassen



Article Builder Has Set Me Free...

I use to spend hours writing articles to promote my videos. Now with Article Builder I can just make my video and generate some unique content to create backlinks and I am done.

Article Builder has freed up some much of my time I decided to build another site. The only thing is I am using Article Builder to submit unique content to it and now I am still looking for things to do.

Thanks Jon, you have given me the time freedom that I was looking for when I started my online business

Lester D

Lester Dalrymple
Lester Dalrymple



Huge Time Saver!

Article Builder has proven to be a huge time saver for me. I have been clinically diagnosed with Expressive Language Disorder, which basically means that I have an extremely hard time expressing my thoughts verbally or in writing. So although I may fully understand a concept or a meaning behind something, I have a hard time explaining it to others.

Prior to Article Builder it would take me two or three, sometimes four hours to create a blog. Now all I have to do is click a few buttons and I can have a new blog posted in minutes!

Again, what a huge time saver this is for me.

Instead of sitting in front of my computer trying to create a new blog, I get to spend my time with my boy!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Christopher Fouts
Christopher Fouts



Where Have You Been All My Online Life?


Your Article Builder program has blown my mind for the quality and quantity of articles it is automatically submitting to my blogs.

I initially was concerned attaching my name to articles that someone else was writing. Wow, I have no problem associating the quality of these articles with my name and reputation.

The one blog is several months old and I was struggling writing new original content on a regular basis. I created a brand new blog and was so impressed with the articles that the Article Builder created for it, I naturally had it writing articles and automatically submitting them for my older blog as well.

Wow, what a boon. And even as a quasi Newbie I was able to figure out all of the configuration and setup to where it all was working as advertised in no time at all. Thank you!

I am going to add your 3WayLink software to the equation to complete the process. I know this is what has been missing on creating the flow of traffic that I have so desperately been trying to create on my own for the past two and a half years.

Thank you for sharing such quality tools with those of us that have bought into the dream of making a great livelihood with integrity marketing on the internet.

With gratitude,

Kent McClure Entrepreneur

Kent McClure
Kent McClure



This is the best Article Builder Ever!

This is the best!

I've been searching for something like this and couldn't find it anywhere!

This is the 'only' way to auto build your article and site without any plagiarism on Google. I recommend everyone to start subscribing to ArticleBuilder.

Ardhika Kevala Viryanata
Ardhika Kevala Viryanata



A Lifesaver...

I am NOT a writer. In fact I don't like writing. If and when I needed to write about a topic, it felt as if there was this enormous mountain that I had to climb. Every step was agony.

A few days ago I was introduced to Article Builder when I joined an internet marketing group and a wonder world opened for me. What an enormous relief to have the basic work done for you.

Article Builder has lifted a weight off my shoulders and climbing that mountain has become a pleasure!!

Rika Hefer
Rika Hefer



Article Builder Brings Time Freedom into My Life...

With the use of Article Builder, I am able to spend more time with other aspects of my business and it gives me more time with my family.

Rather than spending hours researching topics, keywords, and writing articles; I can now let Article Builder do the hard work for me.

The articles are well written with the keywords inserted properly. So all I have to do is insert them into my blog. And if I am not available for a few days, I can let Article Builder write the articles and automatically insert them into my blog. What a time-saver.

My team is in love with this program. You need to have this even if you are a prolific writer because some days you just need to take a vacation.

Roy Harris
Roy Harris



Blogging Made Easy...

I have been so afraid to start blogging, because I didn't know what to do, or how to say it.

I've now found that is nothing to be afraid of.

It has made my life of blogging much easier. I don't know why it took me so long to find you!

Tosha Sanders
Tosha Sanders



Great software and quality content!

I am very pleased with the quality of articles and the wide range of niches covered.

This service has helped my web marketing business units grow faster than originally planned.

Cheers to Jon and his team for their brilliance!

Mike Barreca
Mike Barreca



Happy with Article Builder!

I must admit I started off a little skeptical about the article producing skills that Article Builder had claimed to offer.

After thoroughly researching the website it looked like the service could live up to what was promised.

Article Builder has definitely delivered!

I'm amazed at the quality and quantity of articles that Article Builder produces for my niche industry and I can't wait to start using it on other projects.

Dallas Piscopo
Dallas Piscopo



Very Impressive!

Article builder is probably one of the most sophisticated article writing software I have used and researched on the net.

I highly recommend it to anyone looking to automate article/blog writing tasks. This is one of the top ten tools I use to help me get the job done. One other fabulous thing to mention is that integrates with SEnukeX.

Claude Grecea
Claude Grecea



As simple as can be...

This couldn't be simpler.

It's by far one of my best purchased products, because I no longer have to waste my time to look for reliable writers.

It's awesome!




Eliminate boredom and generate blogs galore!

I just love Article Builder because it allows me to generate unique blogs each and every day. They serve as my foundation for embellishing the material with my own ideas, and learning from that generated article subject (which there are many to choose from).

Thanks Article Builder for making my task easier, more interesting, challenging, and even exciting. Above all, thanks for saving me lots of time in terms of deciding what to post, and then laying the foundation for applying my own creativity by providing the basis for me to finish the work in my own way and with my own ideas.

Tom Happel
Tom Happel



Amazing Time Saver & Great Quality for the Money...

This is the first testimonial I have ever written but I just had to tell you how great it is. I just purchased Article Builder a few days ago and am amazed at the quality of the articles I am getting posted directly to my Wordpress site.

Now instead of trying to write content for my site or using spin software to make a PLR article into something that isn't jibberish, I use Article Builder. I just tell Article Builder how many articles I want posted to my blog each day, under what categories, and which subject matter, and sit back and let it do all the work.

The articles are all unique and very well written. Now I can make time to submit articles to article directories to get links back to my website.

For a mere $297 a year, which works out to just over $24 a month it is the best deal around. I have spent much more monthly to have other people write articles for me only to receive inferior quality garbage that I am embarrassed to put on my website.

I highly recommend Article Builder. It is a huge time saver and extremely easy to use.

Laurie Raphael
Laurie Raphael



HUGE Problem Solver!

While I've looked into these marketing techniques before, I am new to putting blogging and article marketing into action.

I'm not one to write *off the cuff* quickly. The sheer enormity of coming up with topics and putting them into writing everyday was too overwhelming and has always stopped me in my tracks. And outsourcing the task produced less than stellar results and I had to rewrite those articles anyway.

I can't tell you what a RELIEF it was when I came across Article Builder.

Creating quality unique articles for blogging and submission to directories has never been so easy. Choose your topic, plug in your keywords, and PRESTO -- a well written and flowing article is created.

While I've only just begun, I look forward to the growing traffic I'll get to my business simply by adding fresh, new quality content on a regular basis!

Barbie Zabel
Barbie Zabel



It saves me time...

It is a great help in my article marketing for my SFI downline because it helps me to provide articles and text for my Affiliates.

I am able to provide good content and loads off it for my Affiliates.

Great software good price and thanks, Jon Leger!

Konrad Swaby
Konrad  Swaby



Incredible Value!

Article Builder has allowed me to create high-quality unique content for distribution at a fraction of the typical cost. This service is a virtual one-stop shop for articles across all the popular niches.

The articles created are much higher quality than those I have outsourced for as much as $12-$14 each, and I can generate them instantly.

Nice work (again) John!

Regards, Jon

Jon Ochs
Jon Ochs



A Bloggers Must Have...

Thankfully, I made my purchase right before it sold out!

Article Builder came to me highly recommended from my upline associate. It's so easy to use that I can complete my articles and post them early in the morning before starting the rest of my day.

After I press the 'Build My Article!' button, it only takes a second to bring back the content. Now, that's warp speed! Blogging can be a big money maker that I do daily on a part-time basis so Article Builder is definitely a blogger's 'Must Have'. My time is limited and I can feel comfortable knowing that there are in-house content writers ensuring the uniqueness of each article. I also love the Inject Content feature. I can take old PLRs that had been lying around and re-write and update them with new content from Article Builder.

Thank you Jonathan

WC Keepers Of Profit
WC Keepers Of Profit



Simple, Easy Article Creation!

I have only been using Article Builder for a short period, but I have benefited so much already!

As a programmer, I have been using the PHP API, and I have been able to save so much time on article creation by integrating the features directly into my web apps.

Instead of spending ages rewriting poorly written articles I purchased from overseas content writers, I now get my unique articles in 5 seconds with a couple of mouse clicks.

Thank you Jon Leger!!!

Daniel Antonic
Daniel Antonic



This Saved Me Months Of Work...

Thank you so much for Article Builder.

This has changed my life! Before, I was struggling to write articles on anything and it took me hours to just finish one, which was not very high quality.

Now with Article Builder I can finally have awesome SUPER high quality articles instantly, saving me thousands of man hours. Finally I can use the articles I make to drive traffic to my websites.

Andrew Pena
Andrew Pena



So Many Benefits...

Hi Jon,

I cannot tell you how grateful I am to you for making this elegant software available.

Article Builder has saved me a huge amount of time, and it makes my life a lot easier. Quality content is very important for SEO. A few of the many benefits I see include:

(1) many different topics; (2) easily choose word length; (3) able to inject content; (4) super spun content; (5) auto post to your blog; (6) new topics being added all the time; (7) fresh original content.

Article Builder is everything you need to send out original and high quality articles for your web sites and blogs.

This is my favorite tool!

Murrey Donaldson

Murrey Donaldson
Murrey Donaldson



Finally Got It Right...

I struggled with article writing from the start all the "research, copy, writing" and the constant worry of the content I was publishing. Will Google shut me down, low page rank and so on.

I tried just about everything out there then I stumbled on Article Builder by chance and I was amazed by what they offered and how easy it is.

Now, I don't stress on content because I have the best content out there thanks to Article Builder.

Thanks for making article marketing so easy - keep up the good work

Milinda Ramnani

Milinda Ramnani
Milinda Ramnani



Content creation made super easy...

I bought Article Builder about a week ago.

What hit me the second I logged in was the ease of use. And the speed.

For me this is the perfect tool to post to directories, Digg and other social media to get links back. I use it together with Article Marketing Robot and the integration makes content creation and submission a breeze.

Thank you for a super product!

Alexander Lindemann
Alexander Lindemann



Awesome Product !!

The Article Builder service allows me to inject my own ideas and examples in a great lead in and lead out.

I would say it's going to be a game changer to stay organic and make a big difference in where you are found and how high on the page.

I use my own articles and combine great solutions such as this, on a "single click done for me" v.s. hiring the big teams like in the old days.

"Straight up ...For me content is king and I am impressed with what I am seeing."

Tod Kilgore

Tod Kilgore
Tod Kilgore



Over 700 articles distributed in less than a month!

I've been looking for a simple backlink solution for some time now. My biggest problem has always been creating content. At the end of last year, I finally hired a part-time VA who writes all the content for my website but that still didn't solve the problem of getting backlinks.

Now I use Article Builder to effortlessly create spun articles for use in a blog network. All I have to do is copy and paste the articles into the blog network, add a few of my links and BAM!! The links are flowing.

Over 700 articles distributed in less than a month, all thanks to Article Builder.

Stacy Fordham
Stacy Fordham



$297 / year

Article Builder

Your Purchase is Guaranteed

You have a full 30 days to try out Article Builder and see if it doesn't do all that we've promised it does. If it doesn't, just let us know and we'll refund your last payment -- guaranteed!

Questions? Comments? Need Support?